Create Your Vision for 2014, OrganiZEN® Workshop

Yesterday, with my camera, I danced around a vision board workshop created by Suzie Sandoval capturing the high vibrating energy of all the participants creating their 2014 collages at the Moxie Studio Portland located on NE Alberta Street, Portland, Oregon.

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OrganiZEN® Workshops, providing powerful and inspirational experiences for people who are ready to take action to achieve everyday liberation.













The Colin Trio and the Tree Top Tribe

I was so excited to watch and listen to The Colin Trio and the Tree Top Tribe play this past Wednesday. When I saw these two bands play for the first time I was stoked to say the least! They have a classic-vintage-sexy sound with a performance filled of energy, swagger, and enjoyment; a connection I crave. Enjoy my visual representation of the musicians as they perform as The Colin Trio and Tree Top Tribe!

Local Bands, The Colin Trio and the Tree Top Tribe perform at the LaurelThirst Public House on Wednesday January 8th, 2014.

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The-Colin-Trio-and-the-Tree-Top-Tribe-Erica-J-Mitchell-Portland-Photographer_012 The-Colin-Trio-and-the-Tree-Top-Tribe-Erica-J-Mitchell-Portland-Photographer_011



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About Tree Top Tribe

Sit easily on a tree top and listen. You’ll no doubt want to join their tribe. – Paula Small of KBOO.

Current Lineup:
Mick Schafer – Vocals & Guitar
D.A. Wiley – Guitar & Mando
Tom Esch – Fiddle & Guitar
Colin Hogan – Keys
Brian Link – Bass
Matt Ramsdell – Da Drums
Tom Esch – Fiddle, Guitar

Tree Top Tribe grew out of kindred spirits coming together in Portland, Oregon to create an eclectic mix of blues, folk rock, bluegrass, and jazz – their rootsy sound engages the audience in a foot stomping, head nodding journey lead by their “great voice, great lyrics and great energy” – Paula’s Picks KBOO.

Mixing cello, banjo, fiddle and other traditional instrumentation, each of Tree Top Tribe’s songs brings something different and original to the listener. The music is influenced by American roots artists such as Richie Havens, Bob Dylan, the Blind Boys of Alabama, the Band and Muddy Waters but each song has its own flavor.

Their first CD, “The Blackberry Jam Sessions”, was recorded, mixed and produced by Dean Baskerville at Portland’s famed Kung Fu Bakery , where Dean has cut tracks with Everclear, Pink Martini, Sherly Crow and other world class artists.

“Sit easily on a tree top and listen. You’ll no doubt want to join their tribe.” – Paula Small of KBOO

Tree Top Tribe supports philanthropy. Some organizations they have played benefits or raised funds for include the Life Blessing Institute, The Honor and Respect Foundation, Locan Rebe, the Education Foundation of Forest Grove and the Washington County Bicycle Transportation Coalition.

Props to Nikki Kelly for help with the verbiage.

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The-Colin-Trio-and-the-Tree-Top-Tribe-Erica-J-Mitchell-Portland-Photographer_020 The-Colin-Trio-and-the-Tree-Top-Tribe-Erica-J-Mitchell-Portland-Photographer_021



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Women with Moxie January Sponsors

Women With Moxie is geared toward creative business women who find social interaction with like-minded women to be beneficial. Moxie Mixers provide a wonderful opportunity for business women to make connections, find new clients, talk about their expertise, enjoy some girl bonding, and rub elbows with other successful women. Moxie Mixers are casual in nature, allowing members to connect without high pressure.

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Erica J Mitchell Photographer provides custom imagery as a solution for businesses to visually express their unique personality and what they do.

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Emily Doumerc, Danielle Louise Ross, Dill Ward and Julia Sarver

Monterey SantaCon 2013

While traveling through Cannery Row in Monterey, Ca on Saturday, December 7th, 2013 I found the beginning of the 2013 Monterey SantaCon.








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Q: What is SantaCon?
A: SantaCon is your opportunity to be Santa!

Q: Is this some kind of political statement?
A: No. It’s fun and only fun.

Q: Who’s in charge?
A: Santa.


The first SantaCon took place in San Francisco in 1994 and was sponsored by The San Francisco Cacophony Society.

The original inspiration came from an earlier SF adventure club called The Suicide Club who’s founder came up with the idea after reading an article about a Danish political who mobbed a Copenhagen Department store just before Christmas. However, the first American and all subsequent SantaCons around the world are non-political, purely surreal Santa prank events.

For more information about SantaCon, you can consult this Wikipedia article:


This entry was posted on December 2, 2013 by Goorin Bros.

Portland, Oregon is home to many beards… so many, in fact, that one can scarcely walk down the street without tripping over one! Thus, our Nob Hill hat shop hosted the First Annual “Hats Off to Beards” Competition last month. In attendance were sixty or so of the rowdy Portland Beardsmen and their bawdy, boastful beards. One happy partygoer even dressed up in a full Abraham Lincoln costume! It was a night was full of camaraderie, booze, hats, and facial hair of all shapes and sizes.

EricaJMitchell_Project04 (1)

EricaJMitchell_Project04 (2)

EricaJMitchell_Project04 (3)

Goorin Bros. Nob Hill teamed up with Portland Beard Company, maker of fine oils and cleansers for beards, and local favorite Rouge Brewery. The beer cocktail of the night was a delicious blend of Rogue’s “Dead Guy” whiskey, Beard Beer (brewed from the yeast of the beermaster’s beard), Aperol, and fresh lemon juice.

EricaJMitchell_Project04 (5)

EricaJMitchell_Project04 (4)

The Tex cowboy hat looked smashing on none other than Tres Shannon, judge of the facial hair competition and owner of world famous Voodoo Donuts. David Allen Cress, the producer of Portlandia, donned a Jimmy Butler fedora. And real life career judge, The Honorable Chris Dorr sported a wintery Moose Run cadet cap. It was a highly-competitive affair, with “Longest Beard”, “Best Natural Beard”, and “Fanciest Beard” being just a few of the categories.

EricaJMitchell_Project04 (6)

EricaJMitchell_Project04 (7)

The hatters of Nob Hill came out on top in the “Best Female Facial Hair” category, and holiday shoppers will be able to see our trophy proudly displayed in the shop.

EricaJMitchell_Project04 (8)

We were proud to hat so many of Portland’s finest men (and women), and can’t wait for next years battle of the beards. Remember, nothing tops off a handsome face like a Goorin.

Written by Jennelle Barajas

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